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Garage Door Springs

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Springs for Garage Doors

Your garage door springs are crucial components of your door system. They handle the heavy lifting when you operate your garage door. Their role is to ensure smooth lifting and lowering. A malfunction can be problematic. No matter the situation, Fast Garage Door Repair is here to assist.

The lifespan of your garage door springs isn’t measured in years, but in cycles. Each time your garage door opens and closes, it counts as one cycle. This means that with more frequent use, your springs undergo more wear and tear. This can result in your garage door malfunctioning or even breaking, which is undesirable.

If your garage door springs are malfunctioning or not functioning properly, reach out to us. We’ll promptly dispatch a licensed and bonded technician from Fast Garage Door Repair to assist you. Call us now at (312) 684-6711.

Urgent Garage Door Repair

Available 24/7 for emergency support. Whenever you require assistance, we’re at your service. Providing same-day solutions. Need it handled urgently? We’ve got you covered with immediate service.

Your garage door spring can break without warning, and while some might think changing it is a DIY job, BE CAUTIOUS. Unless you have the right know-how and tools, replacing a broken spring is very risky and can lead to serious harm. A broken spring often causes a garage door to not open. Unlike what many believe, it’s the springs, not the opener, that do the heavy lifting. If your door isn’t opening, the spring might be broken. In our repairs, we use only strong replacement springs.

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